New Album “The Ground Beneath Us” coming along nicely. Release date to be decided by should be summer 2018.

Our debut single HOW IT FEELS is available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and usual online outlets. See the video here!


Cracks In The Land are an East Sussex based band that distills a love of Neil Finn, Roots, Folk and Grooves into a cohesive whole.

Starting in 2013 with Bob Melrose (vocals, guitar) and Meya Rein (vocals) as a duo, they became a trio when Ben Armstrong joined on percussion. They are regularly joined live and in the studio by lead guitarist Bill Burke.

Their new album “The Ground Beneath Us” is at final mix stage and comprises 12 original tracks and features Bill Burke on Lead Guitar plus guest musicians Ben Paley on Fiddle and Tomas Siroky on Double Bass.

“The Ground Beneath Us” will be launched on digital and physical CD (available from their website – in summer 2018.

Bob Melrose – vocals, guitar
Meya Rein – vocals, bass
Ben Armstrong – percussion, drums
Bill Burke – guitar, vocals


Single: How It Feels

Our new single from our forthcoming album “The Ground Beneath Us” is How It Feels, Meya takes lead vocal duties on this slow ballad and Ben has done a great mix. Will be available shortly on iTunes and everywhere expecting early December.